April 2018

Enjoy the Silence - Enjoy the Intimacy

Eine Ausstellung in der Galerie im Haus

Die Galerie im Haus lädt ein zur Vernissage der Ausstellung Enjoy the Silence - Enjoy the Intimacy
mit Klaus-Martin Gareis (
S/W Phtographien), Susanne Hölzel-Bantel und Hans Exner (Pastell-Akte).

Vernissage Samstag 14. April 2018, ab 16 Uhr


Sa 21.04. 2018 14-17 Uhr

Fr 27.04. 2018 14-17 Uhr

Galerie im Haus | Konnenbergstrasse 79 | 73614 Schorndorf | Deutschland |

Artikel in Schorndorf Nachrichten "Stille Landschaften und intime Akte", 21. April 2018


November 2017

In Light we Fade

An exhibition at Photobastei

02. - 19. November 2017

Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich, 3. Stock, Raum VII

A conceptual work about condensing movement into a single moment.


March 2017

Shadow Stories

an exhibition at Photobastei

From 02. to 19. March 2017

Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich, 3. Floor, Room VI


A conceptual work about light, shadow and fuzziness, told by shadows in three short stories. This work is going back on an idea of abstracting fashion photography by couple Himmel & Bassman in the early 50's. Using the same equipment from that time like diffuse light sources, shadows, fuzziness and analogue film material, a kind of feminine ethereal light sculptures arose.

Long exposures capture floating shadows onto the film material as we can not see them but rather imagine them. An experimental development chemistry creates chaotic structures on the silver gelatine paper, which underlines the mystic impression. Oil colour is used to provide the slight colour of the prints.


November 2016

In Light we Fade

This series further explores how movements captured over a period of time result in translucent and fading bodies.


October 2016

Shadow Dance

A sister project to the Unseen Shadows series.


May 2016

Rhythm of a City

A project about time and perception. In this series the simplest of all cameras - a Pinhole Camera - opens its shutter to catch the light for 15-20 seconds throughout the travel with a train at each stop, catching  any movement at the stop itself and then when train starts again to move.


March 2016

Unseen Shadows

An Exhibition at Galerie im Haus

First time Exhibition in Germany with a selection of works from the series Unseen Shadows.

Vernissage: 05. March 2016, 15:00 to 17:00 at Galerie im Haus, Konnenbergstraße 79, 73614 Schorndorf, Germany

The Exhibition can be visited Saturdays 14:00 to 17:00 till 26. March.


September 2015

A Mysterious View on Beauty

An Exhibition at Photobastei 2.0

Vernissage: 03. September 2015, 18:00, 2nd Floor Room IX D
Exhibition lasts till 25. October 2015
Photobastei Zürich, Sihlquai 125


August 2015

Long time exposure was used for this mystic shadows series. The eye sees every moment in time like a continuous film but our brain might be not capable of storing and imagine what a view minutes of such impressions might look like compressed to one image. Unseen Shadows are captured shadows through long exposure.


July 2015

New Series launched: The Greeks and Grace & Lightness. The genre of so called Nude Art - a most difficult area of Photography. These are the first results from shootings in Greece and an available light shooting in Bern.


February 2015

For the series Places of our Youth I could visit some lido during off-season. The places appear to be abandoned but are of course maintained. Still the absence of people creates a feeling of loneliness and a sentimental view back to youth.


September 2014

New series launched: Unexpected Beauty

Objects, that never where intended to be interesting to a viewer but just functional, may become beautiful in their own way, once they loose their purpose and are not used any more.

Unique Black & White Silver-Gelatine-Prints on very old Agfa Baryt Paper, portrait format 50x60, Oil Colour toned.


August 2014

Photobastei Zürich

Two exhibitions will take place in August at the temporary art space Photobastei. The first is a group exhibition where 4 works from the recently started new series Places of our Youth will be shown.

Vernissage: 07. August; Floor 3, Spaces C-D

Exhibition lasts till 17. August 2014


The second exhibition is showing once more the Book "DEin - Das Ende ist nah" together with 10 prints from the book.

Vernissage: 21. August; Floor 1, Space G

Exhibition lasts till 31. August 2014

Photobastei Zürich, Bärengasse 29

For more details please see the email invitation here.


April 2014

Galerie boesner

Four pictures from the new launched series of black & white Silver-Gelatine-Prints will be exhibited at the Galerie boesner in Münchwilen. The framed pictures can be seen from April 22 till May 31.

boesner GmbH
Murgtalstrasse 20
9542 Münchwilen


March 2014

New series launched: Places of our Youth. A look back in time on places where we spent our childhood.


January 2014

New series of pictures launched. Unique Black & White Silver-Gelatine-Prints on very old Agfa Baryt Paper, portrait format 50x60, Oil Colour toned.


September 2013

Druckgrafiken in der Shedhalle

Gruppenausstellung mit den Siebdrucken zum Thema "Alles wird gut".

Vernissage: 11. September 2013, 18.00
Finissage: 22. September 2013, 16.00

Shedhalle Rote Fabrik
Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zürich


July 2013

Abschlussausstellung F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign

Zum Abschluss der Ausbildung an der F+F wird die einjährige Konzeptarbeit "DEin - Das Ende ist nah" zu sehen sein. Präsentiert werden 100 Polaroid zum Thema Vergänglichkeit in einem handgebundenen Buch sowie zehn daraus ausgewählte Drucke. Details zum Buch hier.

3. - 5. Juli 2013
Vernissage: Mittwoch 03. Juli, 18-21 Uhr
F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Flurstrasse 89, 8047 Zürich


April 2013

Grafik in/auswendig
Künstlerhaus, Vienna
19. April - 9. June 2013

The serigraphs from the poster competition "Alles wird gut" will be shown together with other works from around the world.


March 2013

Alles wird gut serigraph

At a poster competition in 2012 this project was one of the winners in Switzerland. Please see the contact section for further information. A large view of the serigraph is available here.


January 2013

Werkschau für Schweizer Fotografie


04. - 08. January 2013

Maag Halle Zurich


10 pictures from the series "light and alcohol" will be presented at the exhibition.


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